Portuguese Afro House DJ/Producer MAMöro Collaborates with Idd Aziz on ‘Noma’ EP for Deep In Your Soul


Burgeoning Belgian Afro House imprint Deep In Your Soul is thrilled to announce the release of a captivating new EP titled ‘Noma‘ by the talented Portuguese artist MAMöro. This highly anticipated release features the exceptional vocal prowess of Idd Aziz, delivering an unforgettable auditory experience.

The EP starts with “Noma,” a Swahili term meaning “amazing.” True to its name, “Noma” is a mesmerising blend of deep basslines and vibrant synths that evoke a perfect summer vibe. The lyrics capture a profound emotional journey, encapsulated in the line: “I love the first feeling I felt, the second one it’s amazing, but still I believe it the first feeling.” Idd Aziz’s soulful vocals elevate the track, creating an irresistible atmosphere that will resonate with listeners on dance floors worldwide.

Complementing “Noma” is the second track, “Lend A Hand.” This sunny, progressive tune is the perfect soundtrack for a sunset, featuring soothing vocals and a melodic progression that invites listeners to unwind and embrace the moment. The harmonious blend of Afro House rhythms and uplifting melodies showcases MAMöro’s versatility and Idd Aziz’s consistent ability to deliver captivating performances.

With the release of ‘Noma’, Deep In Your Soul continues to set a precedent for top-quality Afro-infused dance releases from established artists and rising talents worldwide.

MAMöro & Idd Aziz ‘Noma’ is available to download/stream via Deep In Your Soul from 21st June 2024.

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