Aytiwan Teams Up with Kaudron and Nes Mburu for Mesmerising Afro House Track ‘Es Vedra’ (Feat. Chalee Remix)


Deep In Your Soul, the renowned Belgian Afro House label is thrilled to unveil its latest sonic masterpiece, ‘Es Vedra.’ This captivating single marks a groundbreaking collaboration between Belgian electronic maestros Aytiwan and Kaudron and enchanting Kenyan singer Nes Mburu. Named after the mystical rock Es Vedra in Ibiza, a place of magic and inspiration for Aytiwan & Kaudron, this release promises to be a journey of musical exploration and emotional depth. Download/stream: https://music.deepinyoursoul.net/diys034

‘Es Vedra’ is not just a track; it’s an experience. The original mix offers a seamless blend of Nes Mburu’s soul-stirring vocals and poignant piano melodies, creating an ideal atmosphere for introspective moments at sunset or sunrise. It’s a musical embodiment of its namesake’s serene and mystical vibes, designed to transport listeners to the magical shores of Ibiza.

Adding to the allure of this release is a dynamic remix by the Netherlands’ remarkable talent, Chaleee. Known for his innovative sound and ability to captivate dancefloors, Chaleee’s take on ‘Es Vedra’ introduces a deeper, more resonant bassline and energy, transforming the track into a powerhouse of dancefloor action. His remix elevates the original composition, making it an essential tune for any club or festival setting.

This collaboration is a testament to the friendship and mutual respect between Aytiwan, Kaudron, and Nes Mburu. Their shared vision and passion for music have resulted in a track that is not only a celebration of their talents but also a homage to the mystical energy of Es Vedra.

Deep In Your Soul is excited to share “Es Vedra” with the world, a track representing the best Afro House music. It’s a fusion of cultures, emotions, and sounds that promises to leave a lasting impression on all who listen.

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