Belgian Talent Lexx Debuts on Deep In Your Soul with Afro House Track ‘Glory’


Belgian Afro House label Deep In Your Soul is thrilled to announce the release of “Glory,” the latest entrancing track from acclaimed Belgian artist Lexx released on 24th May. With a career spanning over two decades, Lexx brings his distinctive blend of groove, melody, and world music inspiration to this new release, designed to captivate and energise audiences worldwide. Download it here:

“Glory” showcases Lexx’s adept integration of hypnotising piano rhythms and compelling vocal breaks. These elements are a testament to his seasoned experience, beginning with his early days in a record shop and evolving through his engagements at major festivals like Tomorrowland and Burning Man. The track’s dynamic drop sets dance floors ablaze, continuing the mesmerising piano melodies while weaving in rich, melodic elements that promise to keep listeners spellbound.

Having already proven its power to electrify the scene at Lexx’s highly celebrated club night “ON” in Brussels, “Glory” is not just a song but an experience, echoing the rhythmic connections Lexx forged from his early drum and African-style percussion days. This track is designed to transport its audience to a peak moment of musical euphoria, maintaining the fresh and contemporary edge Lexx is known for.

Brussels-based artist Lexx, aka Alexandre Cofsman, channels groove, melody, and world music into his DJ sets and productions, honed over his 20-year career. Starting in a record shop as a teen, his universe and sound were shaped by a habit of listening to records. His early connection to rhythm, cultivated through drumming and percussion, led him to study mixing in Paris in 1997. Lexx’s career took off with successful club nights in Brussels, notably ON, since 2015, which he calls home. He’s performed at Burning Man, Tomorrowland, and more, and his influence extends to clubs across Europe, Israel, and Bangkok. With fresh tracks and a contemporary vibe, Lexx’s career shows no signs of slowing down.

Lexx (BE) – Glory is available to download/stream via Deep In Your Soul from 24th May 2024.

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