Exploring Milkdonna’s Sensual Soundscape with her new Track ‘Erotica’


Milkdonna, a rising star from São Paulo, is redefining the Brazilian electronic music landscape with her latest release, “Erotica.” Her music, characterized by a sensual and fresh aesthetic, stands out in an industry often dominated by harder sounds. Milkdonna’s ability to evoke classic dancefloor energy while staying current makes her a unique force.

Her extensive performance history includes sharing the stage with renowned house music icons like Dixon and Solomun in global nightlife hubs such as Ibiza and Lisbon. These experiences have profoundly influenced her sound. “Erotica” showcases this evolution, blending 80s Disco and 00s House with femme culture, resulting in a track that’s both nostalgic and contemporary.

“Erotica” is released under Alphabeat Records, a Brazilian label celebrated for nurturing new electronic talent. The track’s disco-infused techno vibe is resonating widely, especially in Europe, where the nostalgia for classic dance music is strong.

Available now on all major platforms, “Erotica” invites listeners to experience Milkdonna’s unique musical vision. Download/Stream here.

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