Joyhauser Launch Debut Record Label MEMORO with ‘Dark Of The Night’ EP


One of techno’s most celebrated duos, Joyhauser have been breezing through career milestones at break-neck speed since forming in 2017. Releasing their globally-acclaimed debut album In Memoro last year, the seasoned pair have since gone on to establish their acclaimed live act project MEMORO and host stages under the same name at some of the industry’s largest events. Continuing this rich vein of form Joyhauser now announce the launch of their debut record label MEMORO with their brand new, two-track EP, ‘Dark Of The Night’. 

Another monumental step in their artistic journey, MEMORO emerges as a platform for Joyhauser to curate and champion their own distinct brand of techno without constraints. As such, the label’s inaugural release represents the deepest and darkest depths of Joyhauser’s repertoire, as they showcase another facet to their creative output. In addition to its unbounded creative roots, the ‘Dark Of The Night’ EP is a groundbreaking fusion of human emotion and artificial intelligence; a seamless integration of man and machine which pushes the boundaries of traditional composition.

The EP’s title track ‘Dark Of The Night’ is a mammoth slice of afterhours bliss for the senses. Featuring mighty kicks and relentless percussion, the cut hosts a heady web of synth intricacies that form a dense sonic tapestry. Designed to immerse listeners in its dark and hypnotic spirit, it’s a track that demands to be felt as much as heard. 

On the flip,  ‘Let Me Down’ guides the EP into even heavier techno waters, championing a raw and primal energy that’s synonymous with the industrial warehouse spaces for which it was intended. Meticulously crafted, the cut is founded on richly resonant percussion and is bolstered by layers of distorted synth swirls that morph in the background. Finding the sweet spot between high-octane rhythms and melodic appeal, Joyhauser’s MEMORO debut is representative of their new chapter and artistic path; one that brands them as tastemakers in the upper echelons of underground music. 

Stijn from Joyhauser explains – “The music represents a fusion of techno and AI innovation, harnessing the power of large language models and text-to-speech AI. We’ve embarked on a sonic journey where human creativity meets machine intelligence.”

For Joris and Stijn, MEMORO is more than just a label — it’s a manifestation of their dedication to the progression of the genre and a platform to share their artistic vision with the world without confines. Serving not only as a home for the duo’s most daring and eclectic compositions, MEMORO will also provide a stage for the next generation of budding artists to share their voices. Keen to give back to the community that launched their career, MEMORO’s output will represent both established and up-and-coming producers alike, with a catalog of output that is unapologetically Joyhauser. 

Joyhauser – Dark Of The Night (EP) is out now via MEMORO: 

Dark Of The Night –

Let Me Down –

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