Dutch Phenom DIØN Drops Electrifying Hard Dance Track ‘The Moment That Matters’


DIØN, the innovative frontman of Rough Material, continues to make waves in the hard dance scene with his latest release, ‘The Moment That Matters’. Following the success of his Hard Rework of ‘Public Enemies’, DIØN reaffirms his status as one of Hard Dance’s standout talents with this dynamic dancefloor weapon. Download/stream it here: https://ffm.to/rough003

Released on 17th May, ‘The Moment That Matters’ highlights DIØN’s knack for blending nostalgic early rave vibes with contemporary elements while paying homage to Hardcore and giving a subtle nod to Jungle for the lovers of the old school and genre-crossers alike. It even features DIØN’s own vocals, adding another layer of creativity to an already fascinating record. 

“‘The Moment That Matters’ is important because it’s my melodic side combined with my love for Hardcore. The track contains my own vocal recordings, and it is a dancefloor crusher at its fullest. This track will give you goosebumps with its raw ecstasy. It will stick in your head days after the festival as I experienced.” Dion

In an era where hard dance, especially Hard Techno, is evolving rapidly, DIØN shines as a leading figure. Hailed by global techno tastemakers such as Amelie Lens, Sara Landry, and Fatima Haji, DIØN’s tracks have become fixtures on the world’s most electrifying dance floors.

With ‘The Moment That Matters’, DIØN showcases his melodic finesse, taking listeners on a sonic journey that bridges the past and the present. Each beat pulses with energy, each note reflecting DIØN’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hard dance music.

Adding to the excitement, DIØN is gearing up for two thrilling collaborations. An eagerly anticipated joint release with HI-LO paves the way for DIØN’s official remix of a Tiesto classic, with information about both releases to be announced soon. 

As DIØN continues establishing himself as a force in the hard dance realm, ‘The Moment That Matters’ stands as yet another testament to his skill and creativity. 

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