Cyazon Shares an Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look At ‘Time Traveling’


Music Producer Cyazon recently unveiled ‘Time Traveling’, under the label Circus Electric featuring the talented vocalist, Elle Vee; this track takes listeners on a nostalgic journey filled with refreshing pads and captivating melodies, highlighting Cyazon’s signature sound and style, that keeps shining and innovating. Through an enthralling production process, Cyazon manages to bring to life a captivating track that resonates with listeners, promising more impressive collaborations with new artists in the future.  
This time, we sat down with Cyazon to discuss the details behind the production process of ‘Time Traveling,’ the inspiration behind it and the collaboration with Elle Vee, sit back and join us in this behind-the-scenes exclusive interview, as we unveil details about Cyazon’s latest release. 

Hi Cyazon, it is a pleasure to meet you! How’s it going? Congrats on your release of ‘Time Traveling’!  

Hello! Nice to meet you too and thank you! 

You joined forces with Elle Vee for this track, could you share more about how this collaboration came about? Did you get to work together remotely or mainly in the studio? 

Back in late 2022, I reached out to her management with the instrumental to see if she wanted to work on it. It took a while to get the final vocal from Elle, but we made it happen. She worked on the song during her own time, and sent me different versions, as she was working on it. 

To begin, can you tell us more about the inspiration and concept behind this euphoric track?  

At the time around late 2022, I wanted to make the best Melodic Dubstep song I could. That was really the only inspiration behind this song. The concept of this song goes along with my EP ‘Interlinked’ that there is an invisible connection between a boy and a girl. 

We would love to know more about your choice for this title. Is there a message and a feeling you are trying to convey to the audience behind the title ‘Time Traveling’? Is there a hint and an idea of ‘traveling back through memories’ you want the listener to experience?  

Honestly, the choice for this title comes from the main vocal line ‘Time Traveling’. I’m not entirely sure why Elle chose these lyrics, and the message she was trying to convey through these lyrics. The only message that I wanted to convey through the song and the rest of my ‘Interlinked’ EP is the journey between a boy and a girl going through the discovery phase of falling in love with each other, and having that connection. 

How does this track compare or differ from your previous releases? Would you say the BPM varies slightly than other ones?   

I would say this track is definitely more on the more atmospheric and melodic side compared to my previous releases, and my unreleased music. I think the BPM has been the same for a few of my releases in the past. 

Were there new instruments, new synth sounds, or vocal effects added to this track that aren’t used in any of your other ones? 

Something new that is added to this track as a whole is that the synths and the vocals have more reverb, than I typically would use. So that is one thing that is different compared to my other songs. Everything else in terms of instruments and synth sounds is the same. 

Was there a takeaway or something new you learned from co-producing this track, that you’d like to share with new producers?  

Nothing new in terms of producing this track, other than to be patient with vocalists, if they are taking time to send you the final vocal. 

Do you have future plans to perform this track live with Elle Vee? If so, what would be your favorite venue or festival to play at one day?  

No future plans of performing this track live with her anytime soon. 

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate or perform together in the future? 

A few dream artists I would like to collaborate with are Nero and Dimension. 

Do you anticipate any upcoming releases later this year? 

I have another self-release coming out in April. I am also, currently sending my unreleased music to labels as well. 

We conclude our interview by thanking Cyazon for his time sharing with us the creative inspirations that make ‘Time Traveling’ an unmissable track for fans of the genre. Make sure to follow Cyazon across social media, as he continues to bring impressive productions to the forefront, further proving his talents and skills as a Producer to keep a close eye on. ‘Time Traveling’ is out now via Circus Electric and is available to stream and download across leading platforms and online stores. 

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