Raw Ideology Talks About the Production Process of His Track ‘Dogtown’

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DJ/Producer Raw Ideology presents his latest Techno production, ‘Dogtown’, via Pathless Records, showcasing his hypnotic sonic production that stands out among the top up-and-coming talents from Latin America. In this exclusive interview, we gain insight into the inspiration behind ‘Dogtown’, exploring the creative process and musical elements that shape Raw Ideology’s unique sound. Join us in this interview as take a deep dive into the creative process of Raw Ideology, and learn more about the work behind the scenes to create ‘Dogtown.’ 

Hi Fernando! How have you been?   

Hey guys! All good. I’m recovering from surgery, it’s a tough time, but chill. Soon to be 100%. 

To start, tell us about your initial ideas and inspirations for this Techno track? Did you have any specific sonic goal in mind when you set out to produce this new track? 

Well, was a good moment of inspiration and ‘Dogtown’ was one of the creations made in this time. Where like I said, I was recovering from surgery, and it was a good way to diverge my mind from the pain and the annoying part. 

We would love to know more about your choice for this title. Is there a message and a feeling you are trying to convey to the audience behind ‘Dogtown’?  

It’s not just for the audience, but also for myself, to have used something of the ‘Cyberpunk 2077 World’ as a way to project me to get closer to the developers themselves. I want to have my tunes in games and movies, and I think they fit in that world a lot. 

How do you think this track showcases your skills and unique sound as a Producer? 

Well, I might say yes, just trying to stick to myself and closer to real Techno, as nowadays, people think Hardstyle or Psytrance is Techno, and seeing some artists changing their styles just to surf the wave, is a joke really. What’s the point of doing Underground music if you have to adapt to trends and be a sellout? Imagine to be in your 40’s trying to play Nu-EDM, just because you want be popular around kids half your age. If that sh** is true to you all good, but just stop calling it Techno. 

With your love for sound design in movies and the sci-fi world, would you say you try to include some of those influences in this track? If so, what movies do you draw ideas from to help shape this sound?  

‘Dogtown’ was inspired by the ‘Cyberpunk 2077 DLC’ story, which caught a lot of my attention to create something representing what I’ve experienced inside the game; in the sketchy anarchist milita, dominated small town, so I tried to come up with that malicious groove and ‘gangsta-ish’ theme. 

How does this track compare or differ from your previous releases?  Can you walk us through your production for layering this track?  

This one is way less agressive, but still puts you into a special mood. I got good support and feedback on it. And people are starting to get tired of this smashing super high bpm nonsense. 

Were there new instruments or sounds added to this track that aren’t used in any of your other ones? Any new Techno synths and new beats that you explored with?  

Not really, is all kind of the same, but trying to head in a diferent direction. 

Were there challenges you faced when producing this track? If so, how did you overcome them?  

Physically, it was tough, being the first days post ACL and meniscus surgery. And it hurts…really hurts for me. My leg was super uncomfortable, not being able to sit down, but I had to do something, as I’m always super active. And for the whole last month, I had to just lay down and do nothing, so creating this song helped me out. 

How do you hope listeners react to ‘Dogtown’? 

Always hope they have a good time and allow them to have a trip to make them think a bit. Not a song that only stimulates you, but doesn’t get you inside your mind. 

What’s next for Raw Ideology?   

Same as always, the Ideology is ‘Raw’ and we don’t sell out. 

We finish our interview by thanking Raw Ideology for his time and providing us a glimpse into background story and work behind ‘Dogtown’. Make sure to keep an eye out for Raw Ideology’s next releases and live shows by following him across social media. ‘Dogtown’ is out now via Pathless Records and is available to stream and download across platforms. 

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