DJ/Producer BARKER Shares Details About Upcoming Projects And Releases


Chicago-based producer BARKER is rising star in the Electronic Music landscape, known for his innovative Tech House productions that resonate with audiences showcasing his compelling signature style. With successful singles like ‘Synchronize’ and the ‘Missing You’ Remix in 2023, BARKER is poised for an eventful year ahead in 2024, so join us as we start this exclusive interview with him, and discover more details about his musical journey and creative ambitions for this year. 

Hi BARKER, pleasure to meet you! How are you doing?   

Howdy – pleased to meet you as well. Thanks for having me! I’m doing well, excited for a busy year. 

2024 is here and we’d love to know more about any upcoming projects you may have in the works! Do you have any new releases coming up this year?   

I do have quite a few projects in the works right now. My goal is to release 12 originals this year, and I’m really happy with the direction I’ve been heading with my sound recently. My next release is called ‘Rodante’, and it comes out on March 15th on Smith and Sorren’s imprint, ‘S&S Soundhouse’. This one is a driving Latin Tech track with an absolutely killer Spanish vocal…beyond excited to give it a full reveal.  

Do you have any new upcoming collaborations or projects with other DJs or vocalists?   

Historically, I’ve mostly worked alone and haven’t had too many vocalists work with me directly, but I’m expanding this year. I can’t tease anything on that front just yet, but there are projects in the works! I do have a project with another DJ, named ‘Chomper’. We mix together under our project ‘Doggpound’, and constantly bounce ideas off each other often. We’ve been piecing together, how we’d want a release together to sound. 

Do you plan on experimenting and blending club-focused Techno with other genres? If so, what types of musical influences are you looking to delve into further?   

Definitely! In addition to my main focus in Tech House, I experiment with UKG, Drum and Bass, Progressive House, Techno, and Breaks. Pushing together sounds from different genres really helps me break up monotony, and helps me stay more motivated to create in new, and unique ways.  

Do you have any new techniques, equipment, or software you plan to incorporate into your music production process? 

I think all of us producers are constantly looking for the next plug-in that will help our process or give us access to something new or more efficient. Anything that Unfiltered Audio makes has been super useful, whenever I’ve been able to integrate and learn them. I’ve been using LO-FI-AF on a project recently, to really push a more classic sound in a vocal that I’ve been chopping up, from a 1979 interview. That’s an example of the kind of stuff, I really like to experiment with.  

Do you have plans for connecting further with your fans via livestreaming your music or sets? If so, what platforms were you thinking to experiment on?  

My studio is actually all set up for live streaming! It is a desire of mine to do so, and I’ve started building my accounts on Twitch, Youtube, etc to ensure that those connections are possible. I’ve also begun exploring more video work in my live sets, with hopes that this year, I can have a team help me push out something unique.  

Are there any special venues or festivals you’d love to perform at this year or in the near future? What would be your dream venue?   

There are a lot of really great places to play in this world. Academy LA is a longtime dream club of mine to spin at, as well as Spybar and Radius here in Chicago. I think every House artist dreams of playing the terrace at Club Space as well. Internationally, the bucket list just goes on forever. In terms of festivals, there’s nothing cooler than Arc. You could call me a biased homer.  

What are some new goals you want to achieve in maintaining your work-life balance? 

I have done a TON of thinking about this over the past few months and I think my goals have rapidly evolved. I love making music, but I never want it to feel like work. While I know how challenging the grind is with the needs of social media and promotion – that’s just not me. I’m going to continue to press forward, and let my music speak for me most of the time. Of course, there’s plenty of networking, collaboration, and grinding to do no matter what – but my creativity comes from my experiences, exploring the world around me, and maintaining and growing my connections, with the people closest to me. 

Are there any goals or projects aside from music that you’re planning to accomplish?  

I recently bought a condo – and I swear, there is always something to do when you own a place, so that’s the side project. Thankfully, I have people around me who are far more handy than I am, to help out. Other than that, I mostly want to continue to make time for travel and connections.  

What are you most looking forward to this year?    

Being from Chicago, I look forward to summer more than anything. Summer in Chicago is unmatched, and if you’ve never experienced it, you absolutely must at some point. Honestly though, as a gay artist, June is THE month that means the most to me. I have some really exciting shows planned for Pride month this year, that will be a massive highlight.  

Special thanks to BARKER for sharing insights into his upcoming projects for 2024, ranging from genre exploration to live-streaming goals. BARKER is a rising star worth watching as he continues to push boundaries and evolve his dynamic sound; connect with him on social media to stay updated on his latest music releases and projects. 

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