DJ/Producer Meetch Shares a Glimpse into His Studio


Today, we dive into an exclusive interview with the highly talented DJ/Producer Meetch. With a decade of live music performances, Meetch has captivated audiences with his dynamic energy and multi-genre DJ sets; starting out as a drummer in bands before transitioning into DJing, Meetch’s musical journey has been fueled by passion and a desire to engage with the crowds.  
In this interview, he shares valuable insights that will inspire aspiring music Producers to find their own unique style, as he takes us through his favourite production equipment, his inspirations and more, giving us a glimpse into his processes and studio set-up. 

Hi Meetch, it’s great meeting you! How’s your day today?  

Doing great! Nice to meet you guys too! 

Can you tell us about your studio? Do you have a home studio space?  

Yes, I have a really awesome studio I created at my property. I transformed my garage into my own studio space. I rent it out to people that want to produce or create content there as well. 

Do you have a go-to DAW? And why? 

I have always used Ableton Live, since the day I started! I just felt this program was the easiest to understand, and it’s very user-friendly. 

Do you find yourself creating more music in the studio or outside of it?  

Definitely more in the studio. The way I created my spot, was as if you walked into a professional location in LA or NYC. I wanted to do my best to build a really awesome spot that was pleasant to the eye and also made people want to be a part of. I have a really sick DJ setup, with a light wall that is perfect for creating content on. 

Is there a favorite place you go to, to get your creative ideas for producing?  

I like going to shows and watching the crowd reactions to songs that come on. So, I would see experiencing a show and watching the crowd gives me the best ideas. Even when I’m playing my own shows, and a song I play really hits, I try to make something with a similar feel because I know it will work. 

Nowadays apps and virtual tools are readily available at our fingertips. Are there any music production apps you use? Which apps would you recommend?   

Nothing in particular, other than the same plugins I’ve used. Then of course, there are always new plugins that come out, that I like to try. 

Do you have a favorite synth plugin or synth patch you use for producing your tracks?  

I used to like Massive the most, but then I started to like Serum more. I think you get better quality sounds out of Serum, but that is just my personal choice. 

Do you create your own synth patches and plugins as well? Or would you like to do so in the future?  

I like to find presets that I then tweak, to fit my style. Sometimes, it turns into a completely different sound, that I will then save to my own new preset. It saves a lot of time and I can get more done quicker. Relating to my last answer, I used to create a lot on Massive but I haven’t done much personal creating with Serum yet. 

What’s your favorite non-music related object we can find in your studio? 

Probably, my 6-foot bean bag chair. Or my old robot head prototypes I created, before my super pro-ones! But the robot heads are music related, I would say. So, then the bean bag chair! 

Do you have a special story or anecdote about working in your current studio? 

Sadly, I don’t have anything special about my studio, except that I designed it myself and made it a really awesome content space for people to record mixes and film videos! It has its own bathroom, fridge, DJ setup, piano, guitar, bass and computer, with top Softwares. 

We finish this interview thanking Meetch for his time talking with us and sharing an insider’s view into his own studio space. We hope this place continues to inspire him, and other Producers and content creators, to come up with new ideas and music to reach out to the masses, as for now, it seems the studio has kept Meetch busy producing top tracks to be released further down the year. Make sure to follow Meetch across social media to remain updated on his latest releases and live show dates. 

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