Following on from the release of ‘Unsure’ with Kylie Cantrall, Alan Walker returns to the forefront with his new release ‘Barcelona’a summer ready dance-pop anthem featuring iconic vocalist Ina Wroldsen

Back with their 3rd collaboration together, the superstar duo of Alan Walker and Ina Wroldsen combine in truly epic fashion on this brand-new melodic and cheerful dance-pop hit ‘Barcelona’. The track, originally birthed from Ina’s demo, became a reality when Ina presented the rough demo that she had written to Alan Walker who got to producing as soon as he heard it, falling in love with the potential of the record – initiating the organic process of how this idea was conceived and progressed. ‘Barcelona’ will also be paired with an exclusive new music video, following on from the ‘Unsure’ video captured inside the immersive Walkerworld. The video for ‘Barcelona’ will be the initial instalment of an epic trilogy of videos all captured within the immersive and dynamic Walkerworld in Fortnite.  

The pair originally combined forces in 2017, when Walker provided a bouncy and upbeat remix to Wroldsen’s hit track ‘Strongest’ – which went on to be a successful partnership for both parties. The dance-pop duo would meet again in 2022, when they collaborated on ‘Blue’, another beautifully crafted dance-pop record which landed on Walker’s ‘Walkerverse Pt. I & II’ album. The evidence shows that when these two powerhouses of the dance music scene team up, they produce incredible music and that’s no different on this release ‘Barcelona’! Wroldsen initially found success as a writer on The Saturdays’ debut album ‘Chasing Lights’ in 2008 and since then has continued to bolster the star-studded list of names she has worked with. Some of the highlights of her career include writing for the likes of Shakira, Jess Glynne, Demi Lovato, and even Calvin Harris on the uber-successful record ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. 

Barcelona’ aims to capture the unique vibe of a summer’s night, incorporating specific synths and melodies to create a bubbly and light-hearted soundscape for Wroldsen to provide her angelic vocal part. Wroldsen does what she does best, effortlessly floating over the canvas Walker has provided, creating delicate art with every note she touches, switching up and down octaves to provide melodies that seamlessly blend with Walker’s signature future groove

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ina on a couple of occasions before, so it was only fitting that we released an official single together. “Barcelona” is not just a song that kicks off the summer; it’s also the beginning of a new trilogy and this summer’s big project, ´Walkerworld Creator Games+. Since I started posting songs on YouTube in 2012, I’ve been inspired by other creators who use my music in their own videos, so I can´t wait to see what people come up with.” – Alan Walker  

This release comes at an extremely busy time for Walker, following the release of his recent hit ‘Unsure’ alongside Disney star Kylie Cantrall. Walker is also about to embark on a tour through some South East Asia’s biggest cities, including Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Macau, and the Anglo-Norwegian artist still shows no signs of slowing down. Aside from this, Alan continues to bolster and diversify his immersive and interactive Walkerworld concept, his own playable world inside the popular Fortnite game. Keep your eyes peeled for easter eggs from this release in Walkerworld! 

Alan Walker & Ina Wroldsen’s new hit ‘Barcelona’ is out now exclusively on Kreatell Music. 

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