Tripolism Release Highly-Anticipated Debut Album ‘Absolute Dope’


A breath of fresh air on the international dance music circuit, Danish trio Tripolism have catapulted themselves into the upper echelons of the industry over the past twelve months, off the back of a string of top-charting singles on Ultra Records. Now marking another huge milestone in their rapid ascendancy, members Bryn, Fred and Ras unveil their highly anticipated debut record, ‘Absolute Dope’, to a community that have eagerly awaited its arrival. 

Out now, ‘Absolute Dope’ is an infectious journey that moves through playful musical landscapes, blending Tripolism’s signature Nordic-noir elements with fresh, innovative sounds. Guiding electronic music into its next evolutionary chapter, each track on the album is a testament to the trio’s ability to seamlessly merge different genres and influences, resulting in a cohesive yet eclectic collection that captivates from start to finish.

The full-length studio album is built upon the formidable foundations laid by its previously released singles, “Dope Dance,” “Luna Love,” “Whatever We Call It,” each of which earned the prestigious title of BBC Radio 1 Essential New Tune following their respective releases. In addition to these, the triptych have received an outpouring of love for their 2024 hits “Soultrain”, “Ras In France” and “Good Times”, solidifying ‘Absolute Dope’ as one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. 

Seeing the light of day for the first time, Tripolism complete the ten-track record opus with the never-before-heard singles “Sun”, “CHI”, “Appreciate” and “Spektraum”. In keeping with the stylish rhythmic subtleties and fetching synth melodies of their preceding cuts, the album’s fresh additions conclude ‘Absolue Dope’ in unequivocally cool fashion. 

“‘Absolute Dope’ is born from endless late-night jam sessions fueled by cold beers, lots of laughter, and wild dreams of rocking out around the world. Good times, you could say. The tracks are not siblings – more like crazy cousins. They are all in the same family but have different personalities – and parents. 

Many of the tracks on Absolute Dope are infused with personal touches from our crazy talented friends whom we love and respect and get inspired by. It’s 10 tracks that we think sound dope, and it’s tracks that we hope others will enjoy too. Some that will get you grooving in the club and some that’ll make you feel alive under the open sky.

Creating ‘Absolute Dope’ has been like taking a musical road trip – exploring lots of new and unknown roads and landscapes while driving. There have been many detours but we ended up in a great place. Kick back, crank it up, and stay Absolute Dope.” – Tripolism

‘Absolute Dope’ is not just an album; it’s a bold step forward in Tripolism’s career, and one that brands them as pioneers of their field. Presenting a sound palette that’s both warmly familiar and yet richly progressive – and equally worthy of festival mainstages, radio listening and intimate club spaces alike – this inaugural LP serves as an unapologetic deep dive into Tripolism’s musical nuances and technical flair; an emphatic declaration of their arrival onto the global stage. 

Tripolism – Absolute Dope is out now via Ultra Records:

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