British electronic artist and nu-wave garage specialist Sound Of Fractures, teases his new album “Scenes”, with an evocative and upbeat new single “Meant To be”. The most recent track from the artist’s forthcoming album, it’s a piece that gloriously blurs the lines between Electronica and UK Garage. Sound of Fractures (Jamie Reddington) has been fast making a name for himself, infusing a raw emotion in his music and a true songwriting ability – set against the backdrop of a two-step garage groove. It’s a sound that’s led to a global audience as well as critical acclaim from Mixmag, DMY, Magnetic Magazine, Indieshuffle and plenty more. 

He speaks in detail about the new single: “Meant To Be is about growing as a person and how moments in your life can be so overwhelming at the time you can’t make sense of them but as you grow older you come to terms with how they contributed to making you who you are. They can make you more resilient, more compassionate and better equipped at how to deal with them in the future… and you understand it was meant to be that way.” – Full quote available here 

Sound Of Fractures – Forthcoming Album “Scenes”

A truly unique project, the album exists as a collaborative process enabled by NFT/ web3 tools, encouraging fans to share their cherished memories and photographs in response to each track, transforming them into a unique collection of “Scenes“. 

The music then, is just one element of the overall idea behind Sound of Fractures – Reddington aims to rethink the concept of what an album is, how the connection between fan and musician can evolve and how, fans can contribute to and build an idea around an album. 

According to Reddington, “Music goes beyond sound; it taps into the memories and emotions it awakens. ‘Scenes’ gives a tangible shape to this connection and preserves it in a recognisable form for fans to own. Each song, along with its corresponding ‘Scene,’ will populate a digital gallery, serving as a record of how music intersects with life’s moments in today’s social media-driven world.”

The concept of world-building is at the core of Jamie’s vision. In an era where music has been commodified, and artist identities often diluted, Sound of Fractures provides an alternative approach. Jamie emphasises, “World Building involves creating connections that foster strong emotional bonds around an artist’s music. In today’s digital age, music is not just a product; it’s an entire world that fans should aspire to engage with and feel a part of.”

Having explored the fusion of web2 and web3, as previously demonstrated in his “IRL” EP, Jamie is no stranger to experimenting with new formats and ways to fund his music. His passion for innovation  has not only established him as a trailblazer but has also showcased the potential of new models  for building artist-audience relationships without relying on major tech gatekeepers. His new album will be launched alongside an interactive platform where users upload and create authentic, shareable visual content using memories set to the backdrop of his music. 

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