Sander Wilder Talks About His Musical Journey and the Artists Who Continue to Influence His Creativity


Sander Wilder has landed on the Electronic Music scene with a commitment and dedication to making his mark, pushing boundaries and blending elements from across genres to establish a sonic identity that is both unique and impressive. Remaining consistent with his creativity, continually bringing hard-hitting releases like ‘Timewarp’ and ‘Into The Abyss’ whilst crafting powerful monthly episodes of his show, ‘Global Feelings’, Sander Wilder no doubt is a talent to take note of. 

So, join us to discover more about this exciting talent as we sit down with Sander Wilder to discuss his journey into music and his career so far. 

Hi, Sander, great to chat! How are you doing? 

Hey there, nice to meet you. Doing quite good, thank you for asking! 

What or who inspired you to become an Electronic Music Artist? Were you always an Electronic Producer or did you have roots in other musical influences?  

In the late 00s, I started to have a strong interest in Electronic Dance Music and I was quite amazed to hear so much music made by different Artists from different sub styles. I can say that Artists like Armin Van Buuren, Eric Prydz, Tiesto, and John Digweed were my entry point to dig more into the genre and I felt a strong desire to become a Producer and discovered that I have a good sense when it comes to music, especially for melodic styles. I don’t have roots in other musical styles, but Electronic Music was actually a good entry point for me to begin exploring other directions like Orchestral Music with electronic influences. 

Do you feel your cultural background growing up and living in Romania, had shaped your diverse sound? 

I think there is an impact from what I had here locally, but for me, it was really important to keep a sense of freedom and not limit my inspiration only to the local side of things. 

Was there a ‘major moment’ in your journey as a Producer that sparked your interest to blending several electronic genres? 

I think it was gradual, I’ve always felt that my musical style has never stayed exactly in one place as I love to integrate groove, melody and atmosphere and have done so ever since I first started to produce music. 

How did your radio show, ‘Global Feelings,’ come about? What was your vision behind it? 

The Global Feelings Show is a journey through the pulsating rhythms and euphoric melodies of Melodic Techno, Progressive, and a touch of Trance music, showcasing my music and the diverse talents of Artists from every corner of the globe. Each episode takes listeners on a musical journey, exploring the latest tracks and insights into the evolving landscape of Electronic Music worldwide. The beauty of ‘Global Feelings’ preparation is that I don’t have a defined Artists list that I’m featuring and usually I’m open to exploring and finding any artists/labels which are a good fit for my episode at that moment. I really like to discover new ‘hidden gems’ and add them to my show, as well as well-known Artists. I’m trying to keep it a very independent and ‘Global’ radio show as the name suggests. 

Who was your favorite artist growing up? And what would be one of your favorite shows you’ve ever attended? 

I will have to tell you two – Armin Van Buuren and Above & Beyond as they exposed me to more music that I could discover. There are so many shows, but one of the most recent was at a Tale Of Us show, quite a good atmosphere and from the past, an Armin Only 2014 remains a memorable one. 

Any motto you live your life by while pursuing the path of Electronic music and DJing? 

Passion keeps you active and curious. 

Were there setbacks and challenges you have faced, to get to where you are now? How did you overcome them? 

The most relevant setbacks were related more to having writer’s block during some points in my musical journey, and the lack of time to experiment more due to different life circumstances. To overcome them was somehow natural as writer’s block is bound to happen to probably all of us, I simply didn’t force things and in time, I got myself ‘back on track’. 

Are there venues you dream of performing at? Is there an artist or DJ that you’d love to collaborate or play a B2B set with? 

I think every festival or event where there is an audience that resonates with my musical direction is best for me. ADE Festival is one of my go-to places where I would like to play. Honestly, I don’t have anything in mind right now for a collaboration but I’ll keep you posted. 

Where do you see Sander Wilder in the next 5 years? 

All I hope is that my project will grow organically, and I will be able to share my musical journey with a wider audience from all around the world. 

As we wrap up our interview with Sander Wilder, we thank him for his time and for allowing us a glimpse into his creative process, the influences that continue to motivate him, and the goals he hopes to achieve next; no doubt sure to continue on his thrilling musical path, make sure to keep up to date with Sander Wilder by following him across social media. 

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