Revelle27 confronts grief on uplifting new single ‘Mother’


The new single from Laurie Revell’s solo project is a profound meditation on loss

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Laurie Revell, already a staple of the music industry, racking up over 300 million streams on his project Just Kiddin, re-introduces his deeply personal project, Revelle27, with new single ‘Mother’, out on 3rd May via Selected.

Emotive production, with an unforgettable piano riff and pulsating groove, ‘Mother’ is more than a party tune: it’s a profound look at grief, centered around the passing of Revell’s mother. Carefully placed vocal cuts invite the listener into his intimate reality, as he channels his anguish into this raw, life-affirming new single. 

Taking the brave and loving decision to pause his music ambitions to dedicate time to care for his ailing mother who sadly passed away in June last year, it would be Laurie’s art that would become a vessel for navigating through his grief. 

“My mum was my biggest inspiration and my number one fan. For her birthday and Christmas every year I would give her CDs filled with my music. She would listen on repeat. It gave her the energy to make it through daily tasks that, due to her deteriorating health, she struggled with so much. She would give me feedback on every song, and I would call her from the studio to play her new things I’d done. Re-entering the studio after losing her, I found myself using my music to grieve. The only way I found purpose was in creating pieces that embodied my experience and dug deep into my emotion. This record is one of many that are providing a way for me to find a light in darkness, and give my work greater meaning. If sharing my journey can help and inspire others to find light, then I now have more purpose than ever.”

Born in late 2020 from spontaneous collaborations with friends, Revelle27 quickly gained recognition, landing a release on The Magician’s Magic Tape 100, a DJ mix on Diplo’s Revolution, and support from Radio 1, SiriusXM, Triple J, and more.

Drawing inspiration from the music that initially ignited his passion for the art form, Revelle27 resonates with raw emotion and vulnerability, inviting listeners into Laurie’s personal and profound journey. A journey that has been captured in a uniquely personal way, that will be revealed in a forthcoming full length release by the artist. 

‘Mother’ is an intimate introduction into the world of Revelle27, where vulnerability and euphoria go hand in hand.

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