Neverdogs’ Bamboleo Records Welcomes Hungary’s James Cole for ‘Good Night’ EP Featuring BizZa Remix


Respected Hungarian DJ/Producer James Cole is next in line to deliver the goods on Neverdogs’ esteemed underground imprint Bamboleo Records, serving up the absorbing four-track ‘Good Night’ EP, featuring a remix from rapidly-ascending Spanish talent BizZa. Download/stream it here:

On the title cut ‘Good Night,’ James’ signature Minimal House style, filled with intricately layered melodies and funky driving rhythms, comes out to play before BizZa’s remix transforms the original into a stripped-back Minimal Tech groover with subtle vocal runs and endless percussive flare.

Coming into the second half of the EP with a duo of fresh originals from James, ‘Honey Come Back’ delivers more vocal-led funk and bounce laced with resonant tones and deepened grooves before ‘Shake Your Body’ rounds off the release with an immersive filter house cut filled with compelling sampling and chugging beats.

An EP built undeniably for the dancefloor, James Cole’s ‘Good Night’ is the latest in a line of releases that continue to solidify Bamboleo Records as one of dance music’s most versatile and innovative platforms, applauded for their commitment to delivering cutting-edge tracks from a slew of established names and rising talents worldwide.

James Cole’s ‘Good Night’ EP (incl. BizZa Remix) is available to download/stream via Bamboleo Records from 21st June 2024.

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