Manuel De Lorenzi Lands on Bamboleo Records With ‘Love Letters’ EP Featuring Fabe Remix


Ancona-based DJ/producer Manuel De Lorenzi is next to feature on Neverdogs’ respected underground imprint, Bamboleo Records. Backing up impressive releases on MicroHertz, Moan, What NxT, Inermu and many more, the established Italian talent debuts with ‘Love Letters’, featuring an emphatic signature remix from renowned German beatsmith Fabe. Buy/Stream it here:  

Manuel’s groove-focused sonics come out to play from the outset, flooding effortlessly captivating title cut ‘Love Letters’ with bumpy beats and shuffled percussive drive accompanying deep, resonant bass, soulful vocal licks and funky jazz-inspired musicality. 

Mannheim-native subterranean sensation Fabe’s remix of ‘Love Letters’ is everything the world has come to expect, including a face-scrunching bassline melody, chunky, swinging drum grooves and endless layers of intricate tonal and cadent accents that flood the mix with character and unique personality, churning out a signature peak-time throwdown in the process. 

De Lorenzi completes the EP with ‘To The Past’, rounding off the release with an imposing combination of firmly undulating beats and coarse analogue quirkiness. Another beefy low-end sub leads the way here, ducking and diving alongside a rattling percussive arrangement, progressive acid-tinged hardware layers and fitting vocal samples, sealing an undeniably superb debut appearance from two of Europe’s most talented underground names. 

Manuel De Lorenzi’s ‘Love Letters’ (including Fabe Remix) is out now on Bamboleo Records.

Manuel De Lorenzi


Bamboleo Records

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