Len Faki returns as Hardspace for Part Three of his recognised remix-series


Len Faki returns as Hardspace for part three of his new remix-series, giving his favorite tunes a new life on the dancefloor.

An unusual pairing at first glance, Hardspace takes up Soundstream’s anthem Love Jam from 2006, the kind of Detroit-tinged disco edit to drop in the peak moment of techno set.

Then it’s rewind time to another decade, when DnB-Veteran Alex Reece was remixing Motorcity icon Kenny Larkin. Hardspace’s mix of Loop 2 retains the playful jazzy notes and growling bassline of the original and turns its oldschool breakbeats into a snappy 4×4-groove.

The deadly effective tool that is Andrei Morant’s Simple Addition makes for a perfect base to build upon for Faki’s signature editing style, emphasizing the plastic shuffle of grooving percussive elements while adding some booming low-end.

DJ Rush features with two vocal-heavy cuts on this release: first up the Russian Roulette-hymn I Believe, which sounds even trippier in the stripped-back Hardspace version; then a creepy while sexy mix of Don’t You Love Me that steadily builds tension for minutes before slowly giving way to a seductive beat.

Closing out with a bang, Damon Wild’s Gearbox from 1995 gets a rework: the full power acid-riff is still working its magic but now sounding much more punchy and to the point in this tidied up Hardspace edit.

Stream the EP in full HERE


A1 Sound Stream – Love Jam (Hardspace Mix)

B1 Kenny Larkin x Alex Reece – Loop 2 (Hardspace Mix)

B2 Andrei Morant – Simple Addition (Hardspace Mix)

C1 Russian Roulette – I Believe (Hardspace Mix)

D1 DJ Rush – Don’t You Love Me (Hardspace Mix)

D2 Damon Wild – Gearbox (Hardspace Mix)

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