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German DJ Tujamo, a pioneer in the electronic dance music scene with 3x Platinum and 14x Gold awards, has teamed up with the upcoming Italian DJ/producer Gamuel Sori to unleash their latest collaborative single, ‘Sometimes.’

The genesis of this collaboration can be traced back to an unexpected encounter. Gamuel Sori, inspired by Tujamo’s music, embarked on a creative endeavor—a remix of Tujamo’s hit track “Drop That Low.” Sharing a snippet of his remix on his social media, Sori’s rendition garnered unexpected attention. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Sori released the full remix on SoundCloud, where it also gained traction.

Little did Sori know that his remix would catch the ear of Tujamo himself. Impressed by Sori’s innovative take on his track, Tujamo reached out to the Italian producer, sparking a conversation that would ultimately lead to their collaboration on ‘Sometimes.’ Speaking about the collaboration, Tujamo expressed his admiration for Sori’s unique groovy sound, which sparked his interest in working together.

With haunting vocal lines asking, “Would you stay, would you go? You’re still on my mind,” ‘Sometimes’ captures the essence of nostalgia and the bittersweet emotions associated with lost connections. This poignant lyricism, coupled with the driving beat, creates an immersive sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a deep and emotional level.

The magic of ‘Sometimes’ lies not only in its origin story but also in its evolution. Initially conceived with a slow guitar riff reminiscent of a sun-kissed summer melody, the track underwent a metamorphosis as Tujamo and Sori explored new sonic territories. Gradually increasing the tempo, they infused the track with an infectious energy, transforming it into a tech-house club anthem that pulses with vitality and excitement.

What sets ‘Sometimes’ apart is its distinctive blend of elements—a fusion of a more urban-style vocal, unlike the typical dance vocal, with the pulsating rhythms of tech house. ‘Sometimes’ is more than just a collaboration; it’s a testament to the power of music to forge connections and transcend boundaries. With its infectious rhythm, introspective lyrics, and innovative sound, the track promises to captivate audiences worldwide and leave an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.

‘Sometimes’ is now available on all major streaming platforms!


More about Gamuel Sori

Italian DJ/producer Gamuel Sori, known for his trademark sound of ‘grooves made in Italy,’ has swiftly made a name for himself in the EDM genre. Despite being in the industry for just two years, Sori has already made waves, being endorsed by Tiësto and accumulating over 10 million streams across DSPs. His music has resonated in over 10 countries, including GSA, BNL, and CEE, with notable airplay on BBC1. Sori has secured residencies in Italy’s top clubs and showcased his talent on international platforms like ADE in 2023. His latest track, ‘Glitterball,’ has been well-received across the spectrum of EDM, featuring in sets from Lost Frequencies to Oliver Heldens. It achieved #181 on the German DJ Charts and #13 on DDC (Bullets), solidifying Sori’s position as an emerging force in the electronic music scene.

More about Tujamo

Tujamo has pioneered his own genre, influencing global producers and shining in the electronic music scene. With a consistent presence in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs since 2015, his industry impact is significant. In 2023, he ranked 47th in the 1001 Tracklist ‘Top 101 Producers’, underscoring his influence and skill.

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