From Melodic Bliss to Bass Drops: Cyazon’s New Mix Featuring ‘Interlinked’ EP Tracks and Exclusive IDs


Introducing a dynamic mix curated by Cyazon, blending his own electrifying tracks with hits from renowned artists like Nero and Dimension, as well as featuring his latest collaborations, remixes and exclusive IDs, this mix takes listeners on a captivating journey through Cyazon’s musical universe, showcasing his unique blend of Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass. 

Highlighted in this mix are tracks from Cyazon’s latest EP, ‘Interlinked’, including the enchanting ‘Time Traveling’ featuring Elle Vee, ‘Next to You’ with Dani King, and ‘Control’ alongside Donna Tella. These tracks, together with Cyazon’s remixes and original releases like ‘Nightdrive’ and ‘Neo Soul’, illustrate his evolution as a Producer and his ability to craft immersive, genre-bending soundscapes. Get ready for an unforgettable auditory experience that perfectly encapsulates Cyazon’s diverse and captivating musical style. 


Sub Focus & Dimension – Desire (Cyazon Remix Bootleg) 

Dimension – Sensory Division 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

Delta Heavy – Ghost 

Cyazon & Becko – Ultraviolet 

Dimension – Where Do We Go feat. Poppy Baskcomb (Cyazon Remix Bootleg) 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

Muzz – The Sanctuary 

Cyazon – Shadowrunner 

Cyazon & Essenger – Neo Soul 

Au5, Cyazon, & Tyler Graves – Before You Leave 

Cyazon – Next to You Feat. Dani King 

Cyazon – Control Feat. Donna Tella 

Cyazon – Time Traveling Feat. Elle Vee 

Nero – Truth (Cyazon Remix Bootleg) 

BRVMES – Noir 

Nero – Circles 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

Cyazon – Night Drive 

Grum – Don’t Look Down Feat. Natalie Shay (Extended Mix) 

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