Experience French Chill House Maestro Alex Keeper’s Intimate Live Showcase of ‘Depart’ EP


Following the release of his latest EP, French Chill House protagonist Alex Keeper delivers an absorbing five-track live rendition of ‘Depart’ shot on location in the historical French coastal town of Normandy. With views of the spring seaside tides and soothing sandbanks, the aesthetic sets the scene for the invitingly contemplative soundtrack of his latest body of work. In an engrossingly delicate exploration of ‘Setting Sail’, ‘Safe and Sound’, ‘Circles’, ‘Free Falling’ and ‘Back To You’, Alex effortlessly weaves an intricate journey steered by resonant harmonies, subtle undulating grooves and touching vocals, bringing ‘Depart’ to life in an undeniably tangible format. Watch it via Alex’s YouTube Channel below:

Alex’s ‘Depart’ EP, released on the ever-popular French electronic label Get The Sound, reflects on the impact of movement on our sense of belonging, questioning the need for a fixed geographical home. The release also symbolises a new phase in his artistic journey as he uses his vocals for the first time, embracing a step of vulnerability and openness within his art that can be felt even more in this live performance. 

Coming from a diverse background spanning France and Singapore, Alex Keeper delved into electronic music during his formative years, eventually unveiling his sonic creations to the world in 2020. Despite being only 24 years old, he has consistently released music every month since 2021, embracing his artistic ingenuity. His discography includes notable EPs such as ‘Remember These Days’ (2021), ‘Waves’ (2023), and his latest offering, ‘Depart’.

Established as a YouTube channel in 2013 with a focus on curating electronic music, Get The Sound underwent a transformative journey, evolving into a full-fledged record label and publisher by 2019. Specialising in Electro Chill, GTS has garnered an impressive audience, with over 350 million annual streams, 500k YouTube subscribers, and over 600k Spotify playlist followers in under two years. This rapid growth solidifies its position as a significant curator and creative platform for over 100 artists worldwide.

Alex Keeper’s ‘Depart’ EP can be downloaded/streamed via https://bfan.link/alexkeeper-depart.

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