Exclusive Interview: Cody Chase on Music, Inspiration, and Evolving Sounds


In this exclusive interview, we sit down with DJ and music Producer Cody Chase to delve into his fascinating journey in the world of Electronic Dance Music. From his early inspirations to his evolution as an artist, Cody shares insights into his unique style, memorable performances, and the impact of his music has on his fans and the wider music community. Join us as we explore the passion, creativity, and dedication that drive Cody Chase’s musical endeavors, and what’s in store for this talented DJ/Producer. 

Hi Cody, it’s great to chat! How have you been? 

Hey there! It’s fantastic to have this opportunity to chat with you. I’ve been doing incredibly well, thanks for asking. Becoming a father has been an exhilarating journey, and it’s been fueling a lot of the energy and creativity in my music and projects lately. There’s never a dull moment, both at home and in the studio. Plus, diving deep into new styles and collaborations has been keeping me on my toes. It’s an exciting time, and I’m just riding the wave of creativity and personal growth. How about yourself? 

All good over here, thanks! We want to know, what was the inspiration behind your decision to pursue a path in music? 

The inspiration behind my journey into music is a mix of passion and profound personal experiences. Ever since I was young, music has always had this magnetic pull on me—it was like a language that I felt deeply connected to, even before I fully understood its power. The ability to express emotions, tell stories, and connect with others through sound is something that always fascinated me. 

There were pivotal moments that really cemented my decision to pursue music professionally. One was attending live shows and feeling the indescribable energy of the crowd, the vibrations of the sound, and the unity music created among strangers. Another significant factor was my discovery of Electronic music’s endless possibilities. It was like stepping into a new universe where I could blend traditional musical elements with futuristic sounds. 

But above all, my inspiration comes from the desire to create experiences for people. Music has this incredible power to move us, to transport us to different places, and to touch our hearts in ways nothing else can. I wanted to be part of that magic—to contribute to the world of music that has given me so much joy and solace over the years. It’s about giving back and hopefully inspiring others the way my heroes inspired me. 

What were some of your early career milestones that had helped you gain recognition in Electronic Music?  

Early in my career, there were a few key milestones that really helped me gain traction in the Electronic music scene. Looking back, these moments were pivotal in shaping the path I’ve taken and in helping me build a foundation in this vibrant industry. 

First EP Release: Releasing my first EP was a monumental step back in 2014. It was called Harmonic Distortion. It was the first time my music was out there for a broader audience, beyond just friends and local gigs. The feedback was incredibly encouraging, and it gave me a tangible sense of achievement. It was a blend of Techno and Tech House, genres I’m deeply passionate about, but I had no idea how to market or promote it at the time, so it went largely unheard. 

Playing at Notable Clubs and Festivals: Getting the opportunity to play at well-known NYC clubs Pacha NYC and Webster Hall were significant milestones. These gigs were not just performances; they were chances to connect with the audience on a massive scale and showcase my unique sound. Each successful show built my reputation and opened doors to more opportunities. I eventually became Pacha’s 2nd youngest regular behind the Martinez Bros. 

Support from Industry Figures: My earliest support from a big DJ was Benny Benassi who played 2 of my first 3 releases which was incredibly affirming. Benny, who was the first Electronic artist I ever listened to back when I was 13, even played my record ‘Illusion’ on the Insomniac 30th anniversary mix and got featured on Apple Music. 

Social Media and Online Presence: Investing time and energy into building a strong online presence was crucial early on. I had taken a break from music from 2014 to 2021 so rebooting my social medias after being inactive for so long started as a challenge. But now the accounts show continuous growth month after month which means I am picking up new fans and I couldn’t be happier. Be sure to join my ‘Chasin The Dream’ channel on IG where you can meet the more Cody side of Cody Chase. 

Signature Sound and Live Performances: Developing a signature sound and focusing on delivering unique live performances helped me carve out a niche. By blending genres and incorporating interactive elements inspired by some of the legendary performances I admired, I was able to offer something different and memorable. My 4 deck mixing style with a set full of live remixes doesn’t hurt either 😉 

These milestones were not just achievements but learning experiences that have guided me throughout my journey. They’ve taught me the importance of authenticity, hard work, and the power of community in the music industry. 

How do you feel your music has evolved and changed over the years, and what influences have shaped your sound now?  

Reflecting on my musical journey since I started DJing in 2008, it’s clear that my sound has undergone a significant evolution. Initially, my style was heavily influenced by the Progressive and Electro vibes of the time, drawing a lot of inspiration from the electrifying energy of Dance music pioneers like Benny Benassi. His legendary Electro synths have always had a special place in my music, marking the roots from which my sound has grown. 

Over the years, my musical inclinations have shifted towards Techno and Tech House—a transition that reflects not just a change in taste but also a deepening of my understanding and appreciation of electronic music’s broader spectrum. This shift wasn’t abrupt but rather a natural progression influenced by my experiences and the evolving landscape of electronic music. 

Carl Cox has been a monumental influence on me for the last 15 years. His closing sets at Ultra Music Festival stand out as my favorite nights of the year, offering me those rare moments when I can truly get lost in the music. It’s a profound experience, especially since I often find it challenging to immerse myself in other DJs’ sets with the same depth. The way Carl Cox captures the essence of Techno, combined with his impeccable ability to engage the crowd, has been a significant source of inspiration for my work. 

In terms of current influences, I draw a great deal of inspiration from a diverse group of producers who are at the forefront of shaping today’s Electronic music scene. Artists like Adam Beyer, Hi-Lo (Oliver Heldens), Eli Brown, Layton Giordani, Bart Skils, Lampe, Chris Lake, Meduza, Martin Ikin, and James Hype have all contributed to the evolving landscape of my musical taste and production style. Each of these artists brings something unique to the table—whether it’s the hypnotic rhythms of Techno, the infectious grooves of Tech House, or innovative sound design—that resonates with my creative vision. 

This eclectic mix of influences reflects in my music today, which aims to blend the raw energy and emotion of Techno and Tech House with the dynamic and evolving sounds of the current Electronic music scene. It’s a balance of staying true to my roots while continuously pushing the boundaries and exploring new territories in sound. The journey from my early days of DJing to now has been one of constant learning, adapting, and evolving, driven by my passion for music and the desire to create unforgettable experiences for my audience. 

Which collaborations or performances have been particularly impactful to your music career? 

Oh, diving into the highlights, each collaboration and performance has woven its own unique thread into the vibrant tapestry of my music journey, but a few stand out for their transformative impact! 

Support for Artists Like Eli Brown and Danny Avila: Working with such talented artists has been nothing short of electrifying. Mixing with Eli Brown was a masterclass in blending driving beats with soul-shaking basslines, pushing me to explore new depths in my music. Danny Avila’s energetic style and innovative approach to Electronic Dance music inspired me to experiment more boldly with my own sound. These collaborations have not only broadened my musical horizons but also introduced me to their audiences, expanding my fan base. 

ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Appearances: ADE is a beacon for the global electronic music community, and my performances there, especially at 1001Tracklists – The Future of Dance and Move Ibiza Radio, were significant milestones. They offered me the opportunity to share the stage with international acts, gain exposure to industry insiders, and receive invaluable feedback on my work. 

Headlining Shows in Denver and NYC: Headlining shows, particularly in Denver at venues like LVL (Temple) and in NYC at The Myth, have been monumental. These experiences affirmed my capability to lead a night and deliver performances that resonate deeply with attendees. It’s exhilarating to see venues filled with fans who are there for the musical journey I’ve prepared, reinforcing my resolve to create unforgettable live show experiences. 

Each of these moments has contributed to my growth as an artist and performer, inspiring me to push the boundaries of my music and live shows. The journey has been incredible, and I’m pumped for what’s to come! 

What are some of your favorite tracks that you’ve released so far? 

Each of these tracks holds a special place in my journey, and here’s why: 

Don’t Talk: This one’s super close to my heart because it was my first track to be released. The cherry on top? Benny Benassi, a legend in his own right, was spinning it for a while. Imagine the excitement of having your work recognized and played by someone you’ve looked up to. It’s a surreal feeling that still gives me chills. 

Slinger: My favorite Techno release, hands down. “Slinger” is this dirty, filthy, absolutely awesome record that I feel really showcases the energy and vibe I love to bring to my music. It’s got that gritty texture and driving beat that just encapsulates what I adore about Techno. 

High As F*ck: This track not only charted at number 44 on Beatport, marking a significant milestone in my music career, but I also shot a music video for it. It’s a special piece because it represents a pivotal moment in my journey, visually and sonically capturing the vibe and essence of my style. Plus, the support and love from the community have been overwhelming, making it all the more memorable. 

What do you feel sets you apart from other DJs/Producers in Electronic music? 

What really distinguishes me from other DJs and Producers in the Electronic music scene is a combination of my unique approach to live performances, my signature sound, and the incredible support system I have in my team. 

First off, my mixing style is something I take immense pride in. Not many DJs play on 4 CDJs simultaneously the way I do. This method allows me to blend elements from multiple tracks in real-time, creating a completely bespoke sound experience at every show. Imagine the kick and bass from one track, fused with the top-line drums and hats from another, enriched by the synths of a third, and topped off with the vocals from a fourth. This intricate weaving of sounds isn’t just mixing; it’s live remixing on the fly, which provides an unparalleled and dynamic listening experience. 

Secondly, my sound sets me apart. It’s a meticulously crafted blend of Techno, ech House, and bassline elements, designed not just to make people move but to evoke emotion and create memorable moments. Whether it’s through the elevating and healing breakdowns and buildups, the filthy drops, or the sing-along moments, my aim is to provide an auditory journey that resonates on a deeper level. This philosophy shines equally in my DJ sets and my production work, aiming to create a cohesive and distinctive sound palette that’s recognizably “Cody.” 

Lastly, the unwavering support and drive of my team are what truly set me apart in this competitive industry. Having a group of talented individuals who share my vision and dedication is invaluable. Their faith, confidence, and belief in what we’re building together not only propel me forward but ensure that we approach every project with a level of professionalism and passion that’s rare to find. This collective effort is a key factor in our ongoing success and ability to stand out in the crowded Electronic music landscape. 

Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your live performances? 

I remember the dancefloors specifically:  

Superior Ingredients, Brooklyn, NY 

This night was an embodiment of everything I love about DJing. The preparation for this set was immense; over 80 hours dedicated to curating the perfect playlist, meticulously preparing each track for the CDJs, and rehearsing to ensure everything was seamless. I remember feeling a mix of excitement and nerves as I took the stage, but the moment I started, all that vanished – I was in my element. 

Kicking off the night with a 3-deck remix of Biggie was a nod to the iconic Brooklyn vibe, blending his timeless raps with electrifying beats that immediately captured everyone’s attention. It wasn’t just a set; it was an experience, weaving through bomb after bomb, each track meticulously chosen and executed. The energy in that sold-out club was palpable, with every person entranced, moving in unison to the rhythm I orchestrated. 

The climax of the set was deeply personal and powerful. Playing a remix of one of my favorite Above & Beyond songs created a collective moment of unity, as voices joined in a chorus that filled the room. Closing the set with one of my originals was the cherry on top, a moment of pride and connection. That night at Superior Ingredients wasn’t just about the music; it was a shared experience, a testament to the power of preparation meeting the perfect opportunity. 

The Fillmore, Denver, CO 

Playing The Fillmore in Denver was a milestone moment for the Cody Chase project. With a crowd of 2000, it was one of the largest rooms I’ve performed in since rebooting my music career. Despite the daunting task of being the opening act, the energy from the crowd was electrifying, proving Denver’s unmatched vibe and passion for music. 

The set was a journey, not just for the audience but for me as well. Seeing a sea of people, all there, lost in the music I was playing, was an indescribable feeling. The highlight, though, was capturing a moment with the crowd – all of us united, with them holding up my DJ ‘gang sign.’ It was a powerful reminder of the community and connection that music can build. 

Both of these experiences, in Brooklyn and Denver, were more than just performances. They were vivid reminders of why I do what I do – to create moments of joy, unity, and unforgettable memories on the dance floor. These nights are etched in my heart, not just as personal achievements, but as shared celebrations of music and life with everyone who was there. 

How do you feel your music had impacted your fans and the wider music community? 

The impact of my music on my fans and the wider music community is something I consider deeply meaningful and constantly evolving. I believe my music serves as a bridge, connecting diverse groups of people through shared emotions, experiences, and moments that transcend the everyday. 

For Fans 

For my fans, my music is more than just a series of tracks or sets; it’s a journey we embark on together. Each release, each performance is crafted with the intention of providing not just entertainment, but an experience. Through the highs of uplifting beats and the introspective moments of deeper tracks, I aim to evoke a range of emotions that resonate on a personal level. Hearing from fans who say a particular track helped them through a tough time, or that a live set was one of the best nights of their lives, is incredibly fulfilling. It reinforces my belief that music has the power to heal, to uplift, and to unite. 

In the Wider Music Community 

Within the wider music community, I hope my work acts as an inspiration for innovation and creativity. By blending genres like Techno, Tech House, and Bass, and by pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in live performances, I aim to encourage others to experiment and find their own unique sound. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with artists who inspire me and have been humbled to see my tracks played by DJs I’ve looked up to for years. This sense of community and mutual inspiration is what drives the music industry forward, and being a part of that progression is something I take great pride in. 

The Ripple Effect 

Beyond individual moments or tracks, the broader impact of my music is seen in the collective experiences we share—be it through live sets that bring strangers together on a dance floor or through tracks that become part of someone’s personal soundtrack. It’s in these shared experiences that the true essence of my impact lies. As my sound reaches new ears and as I continue to evolve as an artist, my hope is to leave a lasting impression that not only defines my career but also contributes positively to the tapestry of Electronic music. 

In essence, my music is a reflection of my journey, my emotions, and my aspirations. Seeing it resonate with others, influencing fans, and impacting the wider music community, is an ongoing source of motivation and a reminder of why I pour my heart and soul into what I do. 

What future projects or endeavors can we look forward from you in the next few months? 

Absolutely! As I am writing this, I am looking down the barrel of Miami Music Week. MMW is always a thrilling time, and this year, it’s looking to be especially electrifying with not just one, but two shows, two private parties and a radio spot lined up! The energy in Miami is unmatched, and I’m stoked to bring my unique blend of sounds to the stage. 

First off, there’s “Ellipsis” – my upcoming Techno track released on Chasin Records. It’s a project I’m particularly excited about; this track encapsulates a journey, filled with dynamic shifts and a deep, pulsating rhythm that promises to be a staple in my sets. “Ellipsis” is about those moments in life and music that are in between, the unsaid, the yet to come. It’s a piece that I believe really showcases the direction I’m taking my music – deeper, more nuanced, yet still designed to fill the dancefloor. 

Then there’s the unofficial remix of Rick Ross’s “Hustlin’” – a venture I took on to bridge my love for Hip Hop with the world of Electronic music. It’s a bold reinterpretation that maintains the gritty essence of the original while infusing it with an electrifying Tech House beat. This remix is a nod to my versatility as an artist and my willingness to explore and blend genres. 

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, next week’s radio show is going to be off the charts with Tiësto as the guest! Having such a legend on the show is a dream come true. We’ll be diving into his journey, upcoming projects, and, of course, spinning some tracks together. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss, offering listeners insight into the minds of artists who have shaped the electronic music landscape. 

With Miami Music Week as the kickoff, these projects and collaborations are just the beginning of what’s shaping up to be an unforgettable few months. Each endeavor represents a piece of my journey, my growth as an artist, and my commitment to pushing boundaries. Stay tuned for these releases and more surprises along the way – it’s going to be a ride worth joining! 

We thank Cody for his time and openness sharing a glimpse into his career so far; with a journey filled with hard-work, passion and love for his craft, Cody Chase keeps pushing boundaries, teasing exciting new releases and live shows that will certainly bring more milestones and recognition for this talented artist. Make sure to follow him on social media to learn more about his new releases and live show dates, as this DJ and music Producer is surely one to follow closely. 

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