Enter a World of Serenity: Lorna James’ ‘Stratosphere’ Album Now Streaming


“Terrific” album from a “rare talent” – John Altman, Emmy award-winning composer 

“Really sophisticated…Bloody brilliant!” – Stephen Keeling, Tony award-winning composer 

Talented Pianist and music Producer Lorna James is ready to unveil her debut Ambient album ‘Stratosphere.’ Released under Monde Ambient, a sub-label of Flipside Records, ‘Stratosphere,’ on March 8th,  which is International Women’s Day. This album showcases Lorna James’ latest sonic explorations; an evocative and immersive listening experience that provides an expansive and tranquil soundscape for listeners. 

A pianist and composer with a classical music background, as a pianist and Composer, Lorna James ventured into the Electronic Dance music world, exploring different genres.  She has released House, Deep House and Progressive House tracks, and has honed her skills as a Producer and Composer, and developed a signature style and sound. This 9-track album is a compelling and inspiring listen, which highlights her venture into the Ambient genre. 

About the album and its title, ‘Stratosphere’, Lorna James comments: 

 “If you imagine yourself floating in the stratosphere looking down, we are all on this beautiful blue spinning piece of rock. No matter who you are or where you live on, your feet are on this earth.  And that is the one thing that we all share regardless of race, sex, religion, background. We are all connected to each other. When we look outside ourselves and our immediate needs and desires, humanity is our commonality, and it should be celebrated.”  

The album’s 9 tracks bring a refreshing yet uplifting experience, that blend her classical background with complex harmonies and bright melodies, alongside almost nostalgic pads and textural sonic elements. The ethereal and spacious soundscape throughout the album creates an all-encompassing energy. James’s productions have received recent recognition, having reached the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2023. 

Follow Lorna James across social media to remain updated on her latest releases and new projects, as this is only the beginning of a promising release schedule from this skillful Producer in 2024. ‘Stratosphere’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leasing streaming platforms. 

Listen to ‘Stratosphere’ now 

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