DJ Dris Delivers a Dancefloor Anthem with ‘Lose My Breath’


DJ Dris is keeping his momentum high as he drops another release with his House production, ‘Lose My Breath’ via Born Digital Music. As he appears to be continuing to drive his creativity into exciting territories, fulfilling an impressive release schedule that has seen him offering fans high-quality tracks, including recent releases like ‘Work’ and ‘Ethereal,’ DJ Dris is surely paving his way within Electronic Music, ensuring he makes an impact with his music.  

Inspired by the infectious grooves of Afro House, Deep Tribal, and Funky House, DJ Dris presents a sonic identity that marks him out; as he marries elements from across genres, DJ Dris’ music continues to appear as a unique display of his passionate love for music itself and his continued commitment to exploring and expanding his artistry. With a signature style characterised by his originality and enthusiasm for bringing together catchy melodies with funky rhythms, DJ Dris ensures that each of his productions delivers engaging sonic experiences; whether poised to invigorate dancefloors or create emotive moments for his listeners, DJ Dris’ music continues to demonstrate his talents and innate abilities when it comes to crafting detailed soundscapes.  

With ‘Lose My Breath,’ DJ Dris invites listeners on a sonic journey through vibrant rhythms and beats, glowing synths, mighty basslines, and infectious melodic hooks. As the female vocal line enters, leading through the first breakdown, ‘Lose My Breath’ keeps building momentum, driving forward with relentless energy. As the tension continues to intensify throughout, with repetitive sonic details and hypnotising elements, the track surely makes for an exciting listen, one that will no doubt have listeners hitting repeat.  

Appearing as an unstoppable force, continuing to grow his production catalogue with must-listen releases, DJ Dris remains a talent to keep following closely, so stay up-to-date with him via social media as he is guaranteed to continue bringing productions for fans around the globe to enjoy. ‘Lose My Breath’ is out now via Born Digital Music and is available to stream and download across platforms.  

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