Cassie Raptor Announces Debut Album ‘Predator’ with New Single ‘The Trap’


In the heart of the urban sprawl, where the concrete jungle meets the remnants of forgotten industry, a force of nature emerges. Hailed as one of the brightest contemporary talents on the hard techno circuit, Cassie Raptor has enjoyed a rapid ascent to international stardom over recent years, gracing the likes of RAW and Planet Phuture with her hard-hitting, yet refined catalogue of releases. Announcing her highly-anticipated debut LP ‘Predator’ – set for release on May 31 – Cassie now share’s the album’s first single, ‘The Trap’, giving fans an exciting preview of the record’s progressive identity. 

Drawing inspiration from her childhood spent amidst the clangour of construction sites and the allure of abandoned spaces, Cassie Raptor has crafted a unique sonic persona characterised by raw energy and primal allure. With a background in VJing, her creative mind thinks in an all-encompassing manner, supplying the underground community with music that can be felt and seen as much as it is heard. 

‘The Trap’ encapsulates Cassie Raptor’s innate prowess as a sonic storyteller, offering listeners a glimpse into the industrial world of raw textures; one where darkness meets grandeur in blissful chaos. With its pulsating beats and hypnotic web of metallic synth work, the labyrinthine depths of ‘The Trap’ provide a heady escape from reality, beckoning listeners into her concrete jungle.  

Conducive to the darkened, sweaty warehouse hubs through which it gains its influence, Cassie’s latest single serves as a thrilling introduction to ‘Predator’, promising an album that pushes the boundaries of electronic music, whilst honouring the storied roots of hard techno. The album is a visceral journey through the depths of the human psyche; a raw exploration of primal instinct and incandescent fury.

Aside from her technical work in the studio, Cassie’s DJ talents echo across continents, from Berlin’s Kitkat Club and Madrid’s Fabrik, to London’s Boiler Room and Melbourne’s Pitch Festival. In the dimly lit spaces of Buenos Aires and the bustling streets of Mumbai, her performances leave an indelible mark that welcome a wealth of new fans each and every time. With the force of a tempest, her sets ignite boundless energy, fueled by both her raw intensity and profound sensitivity. Each encounter with her music is akin to a passionate dance with fire, an experience of unparalleled intensity that gives her audience an unforgettable moment of catharsis. 

Cassie Raptor – The Trap (single) is out now:

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