Cammora and Lazarusman Invite Listeners on a Stimulating Sonic Journey with ‘Get Rid Of That’


Talented DJ and music Producer Cammora strikes back with another hard-hitting release ‘Get Rid Of That,’ teaming up once more with Lazarusman, the Producer is ready to unveil his new sonic explorations, displayed in this new Melodic House & Techno release via his new imprint Collective Mob. 

Having collaborated with Lazarusman on their previous release ‘Peace’ alongside Gregorio, released via Sirup Music, Cammora joins forces with the prominent writer, poet and DJ Lazarusman to bring this new track that’s both motivating and entrancing. 

With releases reaching top charts across leading platforms, and with a great number of accolades behind his name, Cammora is clearly a name that’ll continue to grow in the Electronic Dance music world, as every release showcases his skills and innate talent for music production; ‘Get Rid Of That’ is an example of this, proposing an inspirational message packed with a powerful sound that displays Cammora’s new sound direction. 

‘Get Rid Of That’ offers an immersive sonic journey, alongside a lively beat and uplifting pads and synth lines that carry the energy of the track. As the dynamic spoken vocals provided by Lazarusman guide the listening experience, the powerful low-end and the captivating synths release the track to a new level of energy. An introspective listen, the rhythmic and stimulating sonic elements paint different colors in the soundscape, as the vocal adds a layer of intensity and resolution, the track drops another hit through the powerful beat and its all-encompassing pads.  

A must-listen for lovers of the Melodic House & Techno genre, this track promises to be as uplifting as it is commanding, providing the perfect balance to allow listeners to lose themselves in the listening experience, and enjoy the unmissable journey. 

Make sure to follow Cammora to remain updated on his latest releases, projects and live show dates, as he promises to take this new sonic path to new grounds with the fresh productions he’s preparing. ‘Get Rid Of That’ is out now and available on all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. 

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