Auguste Safar and Raphael Graham release ‘Za Ria’ EP, featuring remixes from Ricardo Villalobos and Dandy Jack (Ric y Martin) and Ageless


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366 DAYS, the brand run by Geneva-based artists Auguste Safar and Raphael Graham focused on promoting music events, is expanding its horizons and finally debuting as a record label. Aimed at showcasing house, techno, and minimal techno sounds, 366 DAYS welcomes label owners Auguste and Raphael for their inaugural release, ‘Za Ria.’ On the remix duties? No other than veterans Dandy Jack and Ricardo Villalobos resurrecting their Ric y Martin moniker.

The title track, ‘Za-Ria’ (A1), provides a glimpse into the young duo’s talent and producer ethos: robust minimal grooves, rolling basslines, modular bleeps and bloops, ritualistic percussions and meticulous sampling — all the necessary ingredients for peak-time shenanigans. ‘Depth’s Drunkenness’ (A2), on the other hand, follows a somewhat hypnotic path. Its rhythmic structure remains as tight and stomping as the previous track but expands on minimalism. Vocal whispers and synth stabs fill the space, keeping the frequency spectrum exciting and alive. On the flip side, Dandy Jack and Ricardo remix ‘Za-Ria’ (B1), throwing a 4-by-4 groover into a frenzy of sample mangling in micro/macro proportions. And while granular sampling and modular processing are usually unpredictable tools, here, everything is rhythm, like beautifully organized chaos.

Quickly establishing themselves as some of the most exciting young talents in the Swiss electronic music scene today, Auguste Safar and Raphael Graham, along with their 366 DAYS imprint, are ones to look out for.


  1. Za Ria (Original Mix)
  2. Depth’s Drunkenness (Original Mix)
  3. Za Ria Ric Y Martin Remix (Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack)
  4. Depth’s Drunkenness (Ageless Remix)

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